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About Next Step DJing Studio

Deliver Your Sound In Style!

Looking for a studio that’s comfortable, visually stunning, and chock-full of the best equipment? Then look no further than Next Step DJing Studio.

A state of the art purpose built DJ studio perfect for recording live sets, live streaming or creating content. Clients have access to all our studio facilities and as well as the latest Pioneer DJ equipment and EV sound system.

Whatever your musical style may be, our professional DJ studio is ready to deliver your sound in both style and quality. Our fully acoustically treated room features 3D sound diffusing panels that come to life when our LED lighting system lights up the room with what ever colour you desire. Coupled with the EV Booth Monitors, Wall Mounted Speakers and EV Subwoofer the room delivers a quality sound that can only be heard in other world class venues!

The Equipment

4 Pioneer CDJ-3000 

Pioneer DJM-V10 Mixer

2 EV Booth Monitors

2 EV Wall Mounted Speakers

1EV Subwoofer

4 Panasonic Video Cameras (For Multi Angle Shots)


Meet the Team

v7 - stills9 copy.jpg

Owner / DJ

Dene James

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CDJ-3000 - Next Step DJing Studio - Gold Coast.jpg

DJ / Music Producer / Audio Engineer

Damo Cox

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